Night Forbidden

Night Forbidden In Joss Ware s sizzling Envy Chronicles the world is ash destroyed and now controlled by the merciless Strangers Survivors live in constant peril But in the heart of Envy resistance grows Night Forb

  • Title: Night Forbidden
  • Author: Joss Ware
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Joss Ware s sizzling Envy Chronicles, the world is ash destroyed and now controlled by the merciless Strangers Survivors live in constant peril But in the heart of Envy, resistance grows Night Forbidden is another installment in the smart and sexy post apocalyptic paranormal romance sure to please adult fans of Suzanne Collins s The Hunger Games, as well as the readerIn Joss Ware s sizzling Envy Chronicles, the world is ash destroyed and now controlled by the merciless Strangers Survivors live in constant peril But in the heart of Envy, resistance grows Night Forbidden is another installment in the smart and sexy post apocalyptic paranormal romance sure to please adult fans of Suzanne Collins s The Hunger Games, as well as the readers who devour the novels of Suzanne Brockman, Alyssa Day, Lara Adrien and Keri Arthur Time travel forward with Joss Ware to a wildly inventive, dystopian future where danger and hot passion reign and where one man s perilous search for answers leads him to the love of a lifetime.

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    One thought on “Night Forbidden

    1. Jess the Romanceaholic

      This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: July 31, 2012Publisher: HarperCollinsImprint: AvonAuthor’s Website: joss-ware/My Source for This Book: EdelweissPart of a Series: Yes, Book 5, Envy ChroniclesSeries Best Read In Order: YesSteam Level: SteamyPet Peeves: “Ex” In The PictureFavorite Tropes: Physically Imperfect or Scarred, PhobiaI’d forgotten how much I enjoy this series. This one features a heroine who has a physical disabi [...]

    2. Katie Michaels

      It's been 50 years since a near-Apocalypse changed the world forever. Power hungry men and the rulers of Atlantis orchestrated the Change, each for their own ends. Now a small band of survivors, the Resistance, is trying to rebuild and stop their ongoing schemes.Fence is part of the Resistance. But he is different than most because he actually lived in the time before the change and was in some kind of stasis, not aging for half a century. He lost everyone he ever loved, but he is readjusting to [...]

    3. Benita VehnomRuiz

      OK so Joss Ware has changed my mind. I've never picked up a apocalyptic book but I have to say that she made me like this genre. I tend to think of I am Legend when thinking of apocalyptic stories. So this is my first book in the Envy Chronicles that I have read, but after reading this book I'm on too book One. "Fence took a healthy gulp of beer. That was, at least, one thing that hadn’t disappeared since the Change. Man hadn’t forgotten the important things in life." My girls would love thi [...]

    4. Jacque

      This fifth entry in the Envy Chronicles, Night Forbidden is loaded with excitement, adventure and revealing moments.For a brief second there I thought the author was going to play Ana off as a mermaid! Nope, she's half human and the other half Yeah not spoiling it. Needless to say, it made for a interesting twist to the story. Especially when you factor in Fence. To be quite honest, in the past titles in the series I gave little, if any, attention to his character. He was just a MEH filler chara [...]

    5. Nicole

      Joint review with Has originally posted here: thebookpushers/2012/08/06/MinnChica: The Envy Chronicles has got to be my all-time favorite post-apocalyptic romance series. From the first time I cracked open Beyond the Night I’ve been hooked on the world that Ware created, and the characters that are living through it. I have to admit that I was a little bummed this story wasn’t about Wyatt and Remy, but Fence and Ana were such great characters, they more than made up for it!Has: I think this [...]

    6. Michelle Tempted By Books

      Loved the Atlantis aspect, so many new things were learned. However once again the romance was lacking. As an Urban Fantasy or Distopia these books are good, as romance they just need something else. I think the "Alphas" of this series are just not very good.

    7. Kelly Martin

      It took me a long time to read this book. Not because it was a slow read, not because I had so many library books to read first. This was a good story. Better than the last one in this series.

    8. Paranormal Romance

      As a half breed, the heroine barely made it out alive from Atlantis and her mothers people who want to experiment on her- use her as a way for them to walk on land. In the process of escaping her leg was badly mangled but this handicap doesn't stop her from being truly free while she is in the ocean. She has crystals in her body that allow her to breath under water and in the depths of the wide open water, she is finally able to be a whole person again. She meets the hero at a bar one night and [...]

    9. Jeanne

      I love this series. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like Fence's story simply because we haven't really learned or seen much about Fence in the previous books, but I was looking forward to the advancement of trhe series and a return to the world. I wasn't disappointed and I enjoyed the book - though I like some of the others in the series a little better (that's just a personal preferance tho).Fence has depth and a history that isn't quite whatI was expecting, but in some ways (at least fo [...]

    10. Gretchen

      It's been awhile since I last read this series but right away I was brought back to the amazing post Apo. world that J.Ware created! I Abso love her world building out of the many books I have read over the last year I would have to say this is the best "world" that has been created. Since yes the wrold is this world but really it's all changed and different from what we know it is she writes it in a way that is truelly visible to the minds eye I was sucked in again right way and found it very d [...]

    11. Rebecca Graf

      Mystery, romance, apocalyptic books are a strange combination. I like the mysteries. I like the romances. I’m not too keen on apocalyptic books especially with zombies. Okay, Joss Ware slightly changed my mind with his book, Night Forbidden.A tidal wave wipes out a huge chunk of the western United States. The population is a fraction of what it once was. Skyscrapers fill up the ocean. Fence and his friends are the few who remember the time before The Change. The wild has taken over the world. [...]

    12. Sobia

      Joss wareokay, real quick( read: short)So if your a joss ware fan, you know joss  books are a-may-zing! They're so so good ! And  it's been agesAGES since she's last released a book seeing thisde me do a happy dance.d I don't dance. Mostly, because I can't, but get the point :pIf, however, you've never read Joss Ware, don't start here!There's an over arching storyline, that makes more sense if you read them in order:Beyond the NightEmbrace the NightAbandon the NightNight BetrayedNigh [...]

    13. All Things Urban Fantasy

      Review Courtesy ofAll Things Urban FantasyNIGHT FORBIDDEN could very well have been a solo story rather than the latest installment in the Envy Chronicles series and it would have worked just as well from a story perspective. I enjoy a good post-apocalypse story and what made NIGHT FORBIDDEN uniquely exciting was the addition of Atlantis being a reason for the Earth’s near total destruction. I thought it was a cool idea to have Fence his friends be from the past (our present) though I would ha [...]

    14. Scooper Speaks

      4.5Favorite Lines: "The sight was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The emptiness billowing inside her mingled with affection and love for Yvonne, and the quiet knowledge that she'd always be an observer rather than a member of a close-knit family. She'd always be a surrogate mother instead of one herself. She'd always have to be on her guard about letting anyone too close to her." (p. 32, egalley)I love Ware's dark post-apocalyptic world where her Envy Chronicles world is set. It [...]

    15. Vanessa theJeepDiva

      I am positive this just became my favorite book of the series. I loved Fence. His personality is great. I loved the constant jokes and comments he made in (and out) his head. The fact that Ana got his humor and he made her laugh as often as he did just adds to the many reason they are a great couple. Ana is a very enjoyable heroine to read. She brings a very unique ability to the series. She also sheds some more light on the mysterious crystals that the Cult of Atlantis/Stranger/Elite is adorned [...]

    16. Dorothea Müller

      Bruno "Fence" Washington gehört zu den Männern die überlebt haben und jetzt 50 Jahre später alles anders ist. Ana ist im Meer aufgewachsen und geflogen. Jetzt lebt sie am Land und geht ab und zu mal ins Meer tauchen. Als beide aufeinander treffen sprühen die Funken. Doch beide haben ihr Geheimnisse, die sie sehr gut verbergen. Nicht alles geben sie preis, was den Tod bedeutend kann.Jedes Mal, wenn ich ein Band aus dieser Reihe lesen, nehme ich mir vor einen Überlebenskurs zu belegen, nur z [...]

    17. TheGeekyBlogger

      Read for Review (Edelweiss)Overall Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 4.25Character Rating: 3.75HUGE COVER PET PEEVE: Really how much does it take to get the look/feel of the leading man correct on the cover? Not that the cover guy isn't hot but he isn't Fence.First thought when finished: Night Forbidden was an excellent continuation of the conflict between the Water Dwellers and the Land Dwellers!What I thought of the story: Night Forbidden delivered on story! I was really thrilled to see how the story [...]

    18. Melissa

      Fence has PTSD from an event in his childhood, but now that he's in the post-apocalyptic future, he doesn't need to worry about it. He can still be the tough guy he always is wait FATE has put a women in his life who makes him face his fears. I loved Ms. Ware's way of throwing a wrench into what was happening with the characters. Fence appears to be a smart-talking player but in reality when we get to know him, that's just a way to cope. And we all have ways to cope when we are scared or out of [...]

    19. Shae

      The wait is finally overIt felt like I'd waited for this installment in the series for five years! However, it was only a year and a half. HeheheI will just start by saying, "I love Fence!" he is cute, witty, and sexy! I enjoyed the fact that Joss gave you just enough info to remind you of important events that occured in previous books. (I hate it when I have to go back to a previous book to browse a detail because I'm lost.) Things are getting complicated in the city of Envy, but that just mea [...]

    20. Bamafever

      Fence survived the Change with his best friend and a few others only to wake up and find he didn't get any of the powers some of the others did. He is terrified of water and of course he meets Ana who loves the water. The zombies are very close to nonexistent in this book so zombie hatred there is no need to shy away. The Atlantieans are up to their worst and want Ana. Fence must face his biggest fear if he is to save Envy and Ana.This was one of my favorite books in the series. Now we know who [...]

    21. Kate

      3.5 stars. This was my least favourite of the Envy Chronicles. I liked Fence in previous books, he had some really good lines and was great at bringing a little humour to otherwise very serious situations. In this book however the sarcastic lines became really annoying. His back story wasn't very interesting and his "gift" didn't excite me. I liked Ana, but I didn't love her. She was interesting enough, but to be fair I was a lot more keen to be reading Remy or Zoë's chapters. I didn't really b [...]

    22. Has

      Full review to be posted:Another great instalment in the Envy Chronicles. The romance was very sweet and tender which is a bit of a change from the heavy angst of previous books although that is not to say there isn't serious issues in the story. I did love how Fence and Ana both had fears which helped to really cement their relationship with each other and the ongoing plotlines with the Elites and Atlanteans kicks up a gear. But overall for me the real strength of this book was the romance whic [...]

    23. Rachel- Goodbye Borders

      This book picks up toward the end of Night Betrayed. Zoe still hasn't told Quent her news (she finally does towards the end). I loved Ana's ability and Fence's new one. Unique and original way he got his nickname too! The last book is setup up perfectly. I really hope this last book is what I'm hoping for. I really liked the world that was created. In a side note, I loved how it was pointed out that plastic just sticks around. (So let's stop using so much of it, yes? And recycle it when you can! [...]

    24. Barbara ★

      Bruno "Fence" Washington is hilarious and a definite ladies man. I loved his schtick. I loved him even more after he found out the heroine was handicapped and didn't have a negative reaction. I guess with his own "disability" he could relate. I really liked Ana too. Though I admit I thought she was going to turn out to be a mermaid though I'm glad she didn't. This installment really advanced the plot and explained something farther about the crystals. A totally fun, action-filled adventure in po [...]

    25. Josette Reuel

      Joss Ware has created a unique and mesmerizing apocalyptic world. I love the unique take on how the human race is brought to its knees in this series. Night Forbidden is the 5th book in the Envy Chronicles and I absolutely loved it. The descriptions of the Fence and Ana and their struggles with their inner and outer demons (handicaps) as they realize how important they are to each other and try to find a way to have a future together are tremendous. This series should be read in order, and each [...]

    26. Susan

      Did anyone tell the cover artist that the hero of this novel is African-American? Or was the publisher worried that that an accurate picture might scare away prospective readers? While I have enjoyed this series in a guilty pleasure sort of way, I thought the portrayal of the one African American hero as an oversexed joker was just a teensy bit racist, although perhaps I am too sensitive. Apparently the next book is the last in the series (for now at least) so hopefully it will end on a strong n [...]

    27. Annie Quinty

      Joss Ware has succeeded again in mixing elements of paranormal romance, post-apocalyptic drama, intense romantic situations, erotic moments and even humour into a brilliant suspenseful story.Fence and Ana's story is heart warming but also at times heart wrenching.There were so many twists and turns in this book. It never disappointed.I jsut love how through the fifth book of the series the author sets the scene and characters for book six. Joss Ware is truly a gifted writer.Fence and Ana's story [...]

    28. Michele Powers

      This is a great addition to the series. In fact, it might be my favorite. I really enjoyed Fence and Ana. The underwater stuff was very creative and interesting. And, oh my God, is Joss Ware the queen of cliffhangers or what? The last book killed me ending with Ian over a cliff and Remy getting raped. Aaaah! And now is it Wyatt or Ian who find Remy at the end of this book? I just have to bite my fingernails and wait.

    29. Sillylittlefishey

      This wasn't my favorite of the series. I had a hard time relating to the romance as I just didn't really care for the leading male, Fence. I hated his he can have any woman he wants attitude and his lame cheesy sexual innuendos. He does get better by the end of the book, but he still was mediocre for me as a love interest.But we got glimpses of Zoë and Quent and Remy and Wyatt which I loved!

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