Legends Reborn

Legends Reborn Since the dawn of time the Light of Epertase has determined when the throne was to be passed from elder to heir For than a thousand years the Light s decision had never been challenged until now Whe

  • Title: Legends Reborn
  • Author: Douglas R.Brown
  • ISBN: 9781936850105
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since the dawn of time, the Light of Epertase has determined when the throne was to be passed from elder to heir For than a thousand years, the Light s decision had never been challenged until now When a ruthless army advances on Epertase, the Light determines that corrupt King Elijah is no longer fit to rule and his daughter, Princess Alina, is the kingdom s only hSince the dawn of time, the Light of Epertase has determined when the throne was to be passed from elder to heir For than a thousand years, the Light s decision had never been challenged until now When a ruthless army advances on Epertase, the Light determines that corrupt King Elijah is no longer fit to rule and his daughter, Princess Alina, is the kingdom s only hope for salvation When evil men violently abduct her, Epertase s fall appears inevitable But all is not lost, for Alina has a secret lover lurking in the outer mountains a long banished warrior willing to bring down armies and King Elijah himself to save her His name is Rasi and he prepares for blood Deadly men plan to sacrifice Alina for the Light of Epertase that lives within her soul Rasi plans to kill all who try The kingdom s fate hangs in the balance.

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      462 Douglas R.Brown
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    One thought on “Legends Reborn

    1. Katy

      Please note: I first read this book in June 2011. I re-read it in January 2012 and again in July 2013. I originally received a free e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.Book Info: Genre: Military science fantasyReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Fans of action-oriented fantasy, military science fictionTrigger Warnings: rape, war, murder, violence, mind controlAnimal Abuse: several horses are killed in various waysMy First Thoughts: “The year was Matthew 1012.”With these s [...]

    2. Ashley Knight

      The Light of Epertase ReviewBy: Ashley L. Knight, author of Fins & FathomI've been reading a lot of fantasy fiction written by ladies as of late. Imagine my surprise & eagerness to dig into a 371 page book written by a man! What a shift in the winds it wasAn engaging tale filled with the unknown, the unexpected, and the otherworld. This book has it all: life, death, love, hate, good, evil, violence, kindness, magic, science, need I continue? I find it difficult to believe that this is Br [...]

    3. edifanob

      What a great debut! That is epic fantasy as I like.Battles, fights, war machines, a kind of shape shifting, symbiont, emotions, magic, betrayal, strong characters and a good story.And the good thing is there will be two more books in the Legends Reborn series:Book Two: A Kingdom's Fall (Fall 2012)Book Three: The Rise of Cridon (Fall 2013)Read my full review over at Edi's Book Lighthouse.A full review is in progress .Of course you can read the main part here:My ExpectationsI expected an epic fant [...]

    4. J.S. Chancellor

      Brown has a strong voice and knows his way around a paragraph, but what makes this novel SO worth reading is how unique the world of Epertase is. The male lead, Rasi, is a warrior and one of the most intriguing characters I've read in a while. His wounds, external and internal are positively gripping. The narrative draws you in and keeps you tied to the plot till the very end, where I promise you---you'll be eagerly awaiting book two in the series. Do you think all fantasy novels are the same? A [...]

    5. Steve Thomas

      Rasi is a rising star in the military, which turns out to be a problem for a certain Prince Elijah. Rasi accidentally witnesses Elijah in the midst of a dastardly deed, and the end results is that Rasi is an outlaw with Dr. Octopus-style symbiotic tentacles (which is sweet), but no tongue (not so sweet). After an attempt at revenge, he decides to spend the rest of his life stewing in the forest, where at least things can't get worse.Fifteen years later, things get worse. Elijah's jealousy has tu [...]

    6. Scott

      Legends Reborn is the first book published by Douglas Brown and it is a fantastic piece of work. He tells the story of Rasi, a soldier who has been framed and fallen into disgrace. While living the life of a hermit Rasi happens to meet Alina, the princess, and they fall in love. This love must be kept secret as Rasi's life is forfeit if the king ever finds out where he is hiding. Both Rasi and Alina are well crafted characters, but I truly enjoyed Simcane. Simcane is a mercenary who loves his co [...]

    7. Candace

      Don't interpret my two star review to mean that this book was bad. It really wasn't bad - it was really okay. It just wasn't my cup of tea.When I read a book, especially a fantasy, I want to feel completely absorbed in the world. I want to close my eyes and be able to picture the characters, the settings, the clothing, the creatures - anything and everything. That's not Mr. Brown's writing style, though. His writing is concise, in a way that he explains what's happening, and leaves you to work o [...]

    8. Angela

      Couldn't continue past chapter 33. Yet another POV, another bizarre interaction in a new locale, with characters who behave strangely. Simply not executed well; however, the bones of the story have potential. The time jumps didn't show character progression, and it was jarring. A lot of telling, and not showing. The best scene was the first chapter.

    9. Cindy

      Doug is a friend and I was lucky enough to get an early, pre-release reading of his new book. It was outstanding! Do yourself a favor and order this book!

    10. Melissa Hayden

      Rasi a loyal soldier to the king and loving husband and father-to-be who suffers nightmares of his bloody war memories who's life changes drastically when he leaves the celebration of the Prince's advancement and promotion by way of a shortcut to get home to his soon to be angry wife. Rasi awakes to find his tongue removed and tried, found guilty of murder for the woman he tried to save. Sentenced to death by way of rashta, a large wolf like beast with seven tentacles on it's back. Rasi escapes [...]

    11. LC Piper

      The Light of Epertase, book one in the Legends Reborn series by Douglas R. Brown is due to be released in September 2011. This will be Mr. Brown's first book. His Debut into the fantasy world. I have just finished the ARC and I am excited to share with you what I experienced. I won't follow the storyline. I think you'll find that in both other reviews and in the book itself, so I see it pointless to repeat that or expose you to spoilers. This is how I felt about the story.The story: It was fun t [...]

    12. Tiffany Cole

      Rasi, a talented warrior and member of Prince Elijah's squad, may soon become a captain. However, he no longer wants the warrior lifestyle. He'd rather settle down with his pregnant wife for a little while and perhaps pick up a career a lot less death heavy. Rasi's plan was to give up his title as a warrior some time after going to the royal family's meeting. Unfortunately, the shortcut he takes from the palace in an effort to quickly get back to his wife ends up completely changing everything. [...]

    13. Walter Rhein

      Old School FantasyI just finished reading “Legends Reborn (The Light of Epertase Book One)” on my new Kindle and my three word response to this book is simple: Old School Fantasy. Douglas Brown gives us a straight action story with clear-cut villains and noble heroes. It's a little bit “Conan the Barbarian” a little bit “Game of Thrones” and there's even a touch of “The Road Warrior” for those of you who are looking for a wrinkle in your fantasy.The hero is an honorable warrior n [...]

    14. Dawn

      In Legends Reborn Rasi witnesses soon to be King Elijah rape and murder a woman; after removing his tongue to keep him silent, Rasi is sentenced to death by combat. After escaping from prison by defeating a tentacled creature (whose tentacles have now attached themselves to Rasi) Rasi claims he will exact his revenge on Prince Elijah and then…………… nothing. (view spoiler)[ Seriously, nothing happens for 100 pages. Rasi lives in a cave, it snows, he kills some animals, he lights a fire, [...]

    15. Misty Rayburn

      Since the beginning of time in Epertase, the Light has determined when the throne should be passed on. It hasn’t been challenged for over a thousand years. Now as an army advances towards Epertase, the Light decides that King Elijah is no longer fit to rule and that his daughter is the kingdom’s only hope for salvation. Things look dim when she is abducted by evil men but little do they know that Rasi, her secret lover from the outer mountains is willing to do anything to save her. While the [...]

    16. Cas Peace

      By virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, skilled warrior Rasi finds himself accused of crimes he didn’t commit. It soon becomes clear that he can remain neither in Thasula, nor in the service of its King, Elijah. Personal tragedy overwhelms him and as his life is now forfeit, he is forced to retreat high into the mountains with only his loyal steed, Salient, for company. Yet even when faced with seemingly insurmountable foes, even when hunted by his former comrades, Rasi remain [...]

    17. Cherie

      Douglas R. Brown expertly crafts a complex and fascinating epic fantasy in LEGENDS REBORN.Rasi is tired of war, even though he’s up for the captain’s position of the Epertasean army. On the night he decides to reject the position, he witnesses a horrific attack upon a young woman. Now sentenced to die for her death, he must find a way to survive because Epertase doesn’t know that it needs him to survive the growing threat upon the horizon.LEGENDS REBORN drew me into the rich fantasy world [...]

    18. Susan

      Though I always tell people I am not a big fan of the fantasy genre, two of my all-time favorite series are Lord of the Rings & A Song of Ice and Fire--so much for my denial. I puchased and read this novel only because the author was gracious enough to spend an entire day where I teach speaking to several small groups of high school sophomores about writing. A summary of this book is available elsewhere, so here is what I liked: the courage, stamina, and honor of several characters, the majo [...]

    19. Amber Argyle

      Accused of a crime he didn't commit, Rasi flees to the safety of the mountians and plots his revenge. Only that revenge goes seriously wrong. Fast forward ten or so years and Rasi is still hiding in the mountains. He eventually meets and falls in love with a woman, but his past threatens their relationship.Things are complicated when the kingdom comes under fire from men weilding technology that seem sure to destroy the entire kingdom. Unless Rasi can find a way to save them all, including the w [...]

    20. Kori Valley

      So, I will start off by saying that I am not great at leaving a review of anything really. So, you wonder, why is it that I am leaving one? Simple. The book was a great debut from Douglas Brown, the first in a trilogy set in the world of Epertase. Rasi is the main character, who is hunted for a crime that he did not commit. After many years residing far in Shadows Peak he finds himself falling for Princess Alina, who is going to be sacrificed to the Light of Epertase. Rasi forms an unlikely bond [...]

    21. Ernest Solar

      The Light of Epertase: Legends Reborn is a fun and imaginative debut novel by Doug Brown. I wouldn’t say that Legends Reborn is a true Sword & Sorcery tale; however, there are elements that echo the days of Robert E. Howard with a modern and mechanical twist. By far my favorite character was Rasi, which in many ways reminded me of Conan, but with an added twist. I enjoyed the first half of the book as Brown developed Rasi and the supporting characters. However, towards the end the story fe [...]

    22. Alex Fontanetta

      Disappointing. That's the word I would use to describe my experience with this book. I was so excited to read it, considering it has nearly 5 stars. I got through about 15% of the book and had to get rid of it though. It is very poorly written. It lacks description and imagery. I believe good books need to be well written as well as possess a strong plot. What good is a plot if the author can't bring the reader into the story? It's written at a rudimentary level. His sentence structures are over [...]

    23. Douglas Brown

      As you can see by my name, I am the author. I thought I'd use this review space as a way to thank you for taking a look at my story. I hope you give it a try and enjoy it. So again, thanks for coming by.Douglas Brown

    24. Kara Young

      Loved it! I was drawn into the world of Epertase from the very beginning. I felt connected to the characters and I can't wait until Book Two is released.

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