Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems

Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems Howard Phillips Lovecraft is in the top rank of American writers in the genre of the macabre Since publication of The Outsider and Others in his work has been published in many parts

  • Title: Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft August Derleth Frank Utpatel
  • ISBN: 9780345021472
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 1890 1937 is in the top rank of American writers in the genre of the macabre Since publication of The Outsider and Others in 1939, his work has been published in many parts of the world, widely anthologised, and filmed His books include The Survivor and Others, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, The Doom That Came to Sarnath, Fungi from YugHoward Phillips Lovecraft, 1890 1937 is in the top rank of American writers in the genre of the macabre Since publication of The Outsider and Others in 1939, his work has been published in many parts of the world, widely anthologised, and filmed His books include The Survivor and Others, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, The Doom That Came to Sarnath, Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems, The Tomb and Other Tales, At the Mountains of Madness, The Lurker at the Threshold Lovecraft and Derleth and The Lurking Fear Lovecrat was born and lived most of his life in Providence, Rhode Island.1 Foreword , by August Derleth2 Providence 3 On a Grecian Colonnade in a Park 4 Old Christmas 5 New England Fallen 6 On a New England Village Seen by Moonlight 7 Astrophobos 8 Sunset 9 To Pan 10 A Summer Sunset and Evening 11 To Mistress Sophia Simple, Queen of the Cinema 12 A Year Off 13 Sir Thomas Tryout 14 Phaeton 15 August 16 Death 17 To a Youth 18 My Favorite Character 19 To Templeton and Mount Monadnock 20 The Poe et s Nightmare 21 Lament for the Vanished Spider 22 Regnar Lodbrug s Epicedium 23 Little Sam Perkins 24 Drinking Song from the Tomb 25 The Ancient Track 26 The Eidolon 27 The Nightmare Lake 28 The Outpost 29 The Rutted Road 30 The Wood 31 The House 32 The City 33 Hallowe en in a Suburb 34 Primavera 35 October 36 To a Dreamer 37 Despair 38 Nemesis 39 Yule Horror 40 To Mr Finlay, Upon His Drawing for Mr Bloch s Tale, The Faceless God 41 Where Once Poe Walked 42 Christmas Greetings to Mrs Phillips Gamwell 1925 43 Brick Row 44 The Messenger 45 To Klarkash ton, Lord of Averoigne 46 Psychopompos 47 The Book 48 Pursuit 49 The Key 50 Recognition 51 Homecoming 52 The Lamp 53 Zaman s Hill 54 The Port 55 The Courtyard 56 The Pigeon Flyers 57 The Well 58 The Howler 59 Hesperia 60 Star Winds 61 Antarkos 62 The Window 63 A Memory 64 The Gardens of Yin 65 The Bells 66 Night Gaunts 67 Nyarlathotep 68 Azathoth 69 Mirage 70 The Canal 71 St Toad s 72 The Familiars 73 The Elder Pharos 74 Expectancy 75 Nostalgia 76 Background 77 The Dweller 78 Alienation 79 Harbour Whistles 80 Recapture 81 Evening Star 82 Continuity Cover Illustration Gervasio Gallardo

    • ✓ Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ H.P. Lovecraft August Derleth Frank Utpatel
      426 H.P. Lovecraft August Derleth Frank Utpatel
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    One thought on “Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems

    1. Oscar

      La noche del 16 de marzo de 1970, como homenaje al Maestro de Providence, 158 estudiantes y tres profesores leyeron a la luz de las antorchas 'Hongos de Yuggoth'. Y es que la obra de Lovecraft es y será intemporal. A pesar de que nunca llegó a ser un escritor profesional (únicamente vendió uno de sus relatos), fueron muchos los escritores que le admiraron. Lovecraft fue una persona extraña, maniática, que sufría constantes pesadillas, misántropo declarado. Pero esto no es relevante, porq [...]

    2. Alex Sarll

      In the stories for which he's best known, Lovecraft's Other is always a shattering encounter with the horrific and vile. Even in the Dunsany-homages of his Dreamlands stories, beast-gods lurk and dark fates await. But in these sonnets, for all the queer books, baleful doings and ominous doors, there's also a sense that the world beyond might have wonders too, might explain the yearning dissatisfaction the dreamer feels with this one. And seeing the other side of the coin attends to one of the la [...]

    3. Octavio Villalpando

      Poco se habla de la poesía de Lovecraft, sin embargo, si solo se han leído sus cuentos, debo decir que tal vez, si, tal vez, ¡aún no han leído nada!¡Éstas letras hielan el alma! Su poesía tiene una cualidad tal cual si se tratara de uno de los capiteles que abundan en su obra, rematando construcciones de una arquitectura no imaginada por ningún ente humano. Aquí Lovecraft nos revela sus más íntimos anhelos, y para horror nuestro, ¡éstos son tan terribles que son capaces de petrific [...]

    4. Lalo

      No es que sea un libro de 2 estrellas, es que los poemas simplemente no se me dan muy bien; de todos modos están , en mi pobre opinión, muy rebuscados y con palabras muy rimbombantes y ya anacrónicas en la época que salieron publicados.

    5. Mery_B

      3,5It is the land where beauty's meaning flowers;where every unplaced memory has a source;where the great river Time begins its coursedown the vast void in starlit streams of hours.Dreams bring us close - but ancient lore repeatsthat human tread has never soiled these streets.HesperiaI cannot tell why some things hold for mea sense of unplumbed marvels to befall,or of a rift in the horizon's wallopening to worlds where only gods can be.There is a breathless, vague expectancy,as of vast ancient p [...]

    6. Qhlueme

      I accidentally chanced upon Lovecraft while browsing shelves at my local city library during my high school days. From the first story, Lovecraft had mesmerized me with his incredible use of words, and I admit, with his use of ancient and obsolete words. Eventually I got to his poems, of which the epic lay "Fungi from Yuggoth" is one of his most famous efforts. When i first read this Horatian, I felt only the supernaturally positive emotions of amazement, anxiety, wonder, fear, mystery, and eeri [...]

    7. Carlos

      This little volume (edited by August Derleth) brings together a sampling of H.P. Lovecraft's better poetry. While I've often heard the opinion that Lovecraft's poetry is quite poor, reading this gave me the impression that's not an entirely fair. If there's one weakness to HPL's poetry, it's his archaism. This is especially true of the earlier works, where Lovecraft indulges his most Edwardian inclinations. The later poetry, beginning with The Ancient Track, while still somewhat old fashioned in [...]

    8. Donald Armfield

      I'm not a big fan of rhyming poetry the sonnets have a nice flow to them though. Being a fan of prose makes it hard to enjoy rhyming poetryI'm sure some people will agree with me. Of 36 poems I only found four that I actually could put a like on.My favorites:* The Howler* A Memory * Night-Gaunts* St. Toad's

    9. Prospero

      Lovecraft's poetic ravings achieve such levels of cosmic badness that they're almost good. I was entertained for mostly the wrong reasons.

    10. Michael

      Eldritch rugose noisome squamousIchor cyclopean lugubriousN’dai, n’gha ‘gha ‘ghaa, bugg-shoggog, y’hahGibbous eidolon Tsathoggua!Leng?-m

    11. Mariana

      Al ser traducidos al español siento que los poemas pierden ese ritmo con el que están escritos en su idioma original, lo bueno de esta edición es que trae el poema original y la traducción. Algunos poemas son hermosos (tenebrosos quizá, pero hermosos), otros dan miedo, y están los que hicieron que le diera 4 y no 5 estrellas, no porque sean malos (en lo que no tengo idea, no puedo calificar la poesía, pero si el cómo me sentí) sino porque no entendí que fue lo que pasó, son como caos, [...]

    12. Diego Diaz

      Horribles, demenciales, oniricos mundos en donde criaturas impensables reptan. Donde Dioses inimaginables rigen.¿Que mejor forma de describir lo indescriptible que con poesía?

    13. Ignacio

      Edición bilingüe de Valdemar. Imposible evitar leerlo sin imaginar cómo sonoría como un disco conceptual de metal progresivo :)

    14. Jennifer B.

      I enjoyed Lovecraft's clever and creepy turns of phrase in this bilingual and illustrated volume that I was fortunate enough to find at the public library.

    15. Омаира

      4'5 Howard Phillips Lovecraft además de escribir relatos también le interesaba enormemente la poesía y en esta antología encontramos tanto la versión original como la española.Nuestro Lovecraft cuando se pone poeta no cambia de estilo ni mucho menos, pues podemos apreciar su exceso de adjetivación y la aparición de Dioses y otras criaturas que inmortalizo hace ya casi cien años. Tampoco en su poesía abandona los temas que durante toda su vida abordará, pues se trata de un trabajo que [...]

    16. Nicole Cushing

      I actually read this small collection of poems as an e-book available from (not this print version). However, I didn't see the ebook listed, so I chose this -- since this is the closest thing to the version I read.With that out of the wayonto the review.I came away from this book convinced that HPL may have been a better poet than a prose writer. Without the ideas that evolved from his plots, the sort of imagery spotlighted in this collection wouldn't exist. Still, it seems that the rigid form [...]

    17. Eleanor Toland

      H.P. Lovecraft might not have been technically the greatest of poets — this sequence of 36 sonnets includes such clumsiness as rhyming 'evil' with 'devil' — but his poetry hums with a sense of cosmic wonder, a simultaneous fear and marvel in the alien, the unknowable. Much has been written about Lovecraft's evocation of horror, but less about the sense of awe in his work, the reverence in the presence of the godlike, totally inhuman entities he writes about. The line between fear and wonder [...]

    18. Acer Pseudoplantatus

      I must admit that many of the sonnets had wonderful moments language-wise, but overall I was disappointed in spite of my low expectations. What at first seemed to be a narrative series of sonnets quickly broke of into unconnected poems that were "narrative" without having any narration for the most part. And they are quite formulaic; description of something mystical/dark in a poetic language in the beginning and using the final ones to speak of "THE HORROR" without revealing it. Some are incohe [...]

    19. Bradley

      Re-reading some of my favorite horror stories, consuming the stories as if they were some strange wines that I have kept in the basement, hidden amongst vintages less divine; with such labels blackened unreadable and corks re-affixed with age-blooded wax. Why they were hidden away in such corners of my cavern, I may never know, because I never placed them there. I just discovered and drank them with great relish. My highly eccentric taste, my refined palate, simply desired such an ancient drop o [...]

    20. (_.- Jared -._) ₪ Book Nerd ₪

      Gotta love the craft that is HP Lovecraft! HP Lovecraft has a masterful way of of crawling under your skin and inciting your buried fears and hidden madness. Most critics don't touch on how his writing can sometimes make one feel lost and confused in a foreign alien dark abyss to the point of madness. This is where the fear is incited in me from his writing. He has an artful way of creating an atmosphere of the horrific and the mysterious unknown. In this book, he attempts to replicate this with [...]

    21. Andy

      I consciously or unconsciously put off reading this mostly because I prefer prose to poetry (I still do), but I should have read this sooner. This is a very atmospheric experience, reading this in one sitting. There's some really good imagery and turns of phrase here, they certainly transport one into another world. Some of these sonnets express the horrific and otherworldly, many others delve into the nostalgic.Several of these sonnets brought to mind ideas from the stories like "The Well" has [...]

    22. Timothy Ferguson

      This is a cycle of 32 sonnets, originally published piecemeal. It lacks a central narrative, and has no enduring theme beyond a suggestive melancholy. If you already enjoy other Lovecraftian materials, it is interesting in that it was the first time he mentioned many things which were expanded in his later works. Interesting as an exercise, and worth a listen, but not as enduring as some of his other verses. Available from Internet Archive.This review first appeared on book coasters

    23. Lucas

      Like a lot of authors Lovecraft first considered himself a poet, then revised that into an author. Much like his hero Poe, Lovecraft wrote poetry throughout his life even though he had no hope of it being published. After his death, his poetry was gathered and published by Delerth through Arkamhouse, as far as I know (and I haven’t looked) this is the only paperback of his poetry. Available through Balintine in their old ”adult fantasy” line that Lin Carter edited for so long. An entertain [...]

    24. Danny

      A 36-poem sonnet cycle about flying fungi from outer space--just what you'd expect from Lovecraft. The cycle contains moments of genuine inspiration, but lacks discipline. Lovecraft makes for a somewhat clumsy sonneteer: the cycle seems unsure of itself (should it be "cohesive" or not?) and his formal mixtures of the Petrarchan and Shakespearean structures are more odd than effective. Nevertheless, this is worth reading as another curious specimen of Lovecraftiana.

    25. Randolph Carter

      The only thing horrible about this book is the verse itself. Some sort of Swinburne pastiche. Lovecraft's range is from bad to appalling. The early poems are particularly awful. It is a good thing that Lovecraft stuck mostly to fiction. Only for the Lovecraft, or Ballantine Adult Fantasy completist. Caveat Lector!

    26. Bernardo Arcos Álvarez

      Poesía ominosa, oscura y llena de misterio; se trata de instantáneas que transportan a los distintos horrores cósmicos de Lovecraft, portales a sus mundos y universos fuera de toda lógica, y ajenos a nuestro entendimiento, todo llevado a cabo como un intrincado arreglo, en el inglés más complejo que se puede encontrar.

    27. Perry Lake

      Great horror poetry does not always mean great poetry. As a fan of Lovecraft's horror, I loved this book. But, as a critic once said, "Lovecraft was a bad poet."Still, if you're expecting only tentacled terrors from beyond, you might enjoy reading his "Psychopompus" about husband and wife shapeshifters!

    28. Rui

      More one foot note on the poems by lovecraft. I really like how the poems resonate with other stories that would later be changed into something else. it may not be the best poems, but the aura that lovecraft creates around them makes them more lively. Its short and easy to listen to more than one time.

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