The Clockwork Cathedral

The Clockwork Cathedral Medical student Felicia Sanchez is only trying to help an injured man when she slips through a time rip and into th century New Orleans one very different than the one she knows from history books

  • Title: The Clockwork Cathedral
  • Author: Heather Blackwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Medical student Felicia Sanchez is only trying to help an injured man when she slips through a time rip and into 19th century New Orleans, one very different than the one she knows from history books.The only person who can get her home is Professor Seamus Connor, a former convict seeking a quiet life of obscurity But even the mad Irishman knows that recreating a freakMedical student Felicia Sanchez is only trying to help an injured man when she slips through a time rip and into 19th century New Orleans, one very different than the one she knows from history books.The only person who can get her home is Professor Seamus Connor, a former convict seeking a quiet life of obscurity But even the mad Irishman knows that recreating a freak accident is next to impossible.With the help of a local street urchin, they discover that their problems run deeper than solely getting Felicia back to her own time The three of them must unravel the secrets of a steam engine that operates upon a scientific impossibility and the mysteries of a grand cathedral at the center of town, where clockwork automatons perform for rapt audiences.But can a convict, a guttersnipe and an accidental time traveler prevent the destruction of a city and the death of thousands Others are watching, and Felicia may not be the only time traveler in New Orleans.

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      288 Heather Blackwood
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    One thought on “The Clockwork Cathedral

    1. Lady Vigilante (Feifei)

      Before I begin, I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.“She would never see anyone she loved again. Trapped in a strange past with no money, no family and no way to make a living, she would be like a piece of debris, cast up by the tide.”Aside from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, I haven’t really read much time-traveling romances or, actually, just time-traveling books in general so this is all pretty unfamiliar ground for me. Imagine my delight when I rea [...]

    2. edifanob

      I really like time travel stories. This one was a real surprise because I found an unexpected gem.It is really different compared to time travel books I read. Nothing like go back in time to save the world. It starts with a simple accident and the desperate tries to return to the time where the story started. But there is much more .There is a real end and a cliffhanger at the same time.This is the first book in a series and I can't wait to read the other two available books.

    3. Ron

      3.5 stars actually. Combines time traveler(s) with alternative histor(ies). Well written. Got my attention, but didn't quite satisfy it. Despite the dramatic conclusion, the whole thing is just a set up for the books to follow. When all was said and done, too much unsaid and undone.Still, I liked it. A good read.

    4. Holly

      *I received an e-copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I don't read many historical books. I don't know why that is, but maybe it has to do with the fact that sometimes they can get quite boring. Usually I'll read them if they have at least some other aspect to them other than the history and romance. The Clockwork Cathedral was a fascinating book, intertwining a little bit of history with the elements of time-traveling. The Characters:Felicia: She's a medical student, [...]

    5. Aaron Forster

      Mad science, poker on a Riverboat and explosions! What more could you ask for?Ok, so there's no poker on a riverboat scene, per-se, but they talk about it. It's there I promise.First off Seamus should have been Scottish. Because I am and other than that, the Irish mad scientist is totally me. Cutting the novel some slack for that obvious oversight (^_-) it turns out to be a great book.I am typically leery of books which involve time travel. It's just such an easy plot to screw up. Often either t [...]

    6. Angie

      I found this book to be pretty entertaining. I have a love for steampunk so it was no question on if I would read this book when I came across it. It was nice to see a steampunk book that actually had a lot of steampunk creations in it. I find that a lot of books in this genre don't actually have all the fun clockwork, steam run machines in them.It is defiantly an interesting concept of time travel. I liked how Felicia was able to come to grips with her situation pretty quickly. Also that she st [...]

    7. Kendal

      Clockwork Cathedral is a very engaging tale of intrigue, time travel and alternate worlds. I found it fast-paced with lots of mystery surrounding it. The characters were well-written; each with their own story. Ms. Blackwood wrote her characters in a way that intertwined very naturally. It wasn’t hard to switch perspectives. It flowed really well.I’ve never been a huge fan of steampunk, but this book didn’t really overwhelm you with the mechanical and other worldly stuff. To me, the differ [...]

    8. Rachel

      Historical fiction with a little steampunk mixed in. Having read Ms. Blackwood's first novel, The Hounds of Autumn, I think it leaned a little more toward steampunk than this book. There are elements of futuristic machines and time travel, as well as steam carriages, but I think rather than a steampunk story, it's a historical fiction story that contains some steampunk-like characters. The world of the story itself is not steampunk. Felicia Sanchez, modern day medical student, finds herself tran [...]

    9. Tiffany

      My first thought as I started this book was that I noticed a couple of similarities between the Outlander series by Diana Gabladon but once I got further into the book, the similarities ended. I found this book to be a very nice surprise from what I was expecting as the concept of time travel has been done. This author has found a way to bring a fresh and interesting twist to traveling through time and I really enjoyed this book, in fact, it was difficult to put down!Felicia Sanchez has her life [...]

    10. Don Toth

      Ladies of genre stick togetherLadies of genre stick togetherI have reading time travel sci-fi all my life. Second only to military sci-fi, like David Weber's Honorvese series. I was introduced to a Urban Fantasy and Steampunk by Gail Carriger, and continued exposing myself - in choice of literature of course - to strong women writers and characters with Cherie Priest and others. Heather Blackwood is a welcome addition to the book shelf. As one of the famous Holmes' said "A man's mind once stretc [...]

    11. Johnna

      Time travel and Steampunk, what's not to like? On her way home from a typical day, Felicia Sanchez suddenly finds herself in another time and place. After coming to terms with the fact that she is no longer in her time, she discovers other differences that prove she is also not in the same world. Seamus Connor, an Irish immigrant/professor, vows to help Felicia and do what he can to try to get her home. I really enjoyed this book, it had me turning pages (or scrolling on my Kindle) quickly to fi [...]

    12. Kim

      I really enjoyed this book. Time travel books are one of my favorites, and this one had some twists and turns that were different from other time travel books. I enjoyed the characters, and found them to be fitting to the story. I also enjoyed the setting in New Orleans. Having been there, I was able to picture many of the places mentioned. There were enough unanswered questions to make me want to read the next book in the trilogy.

    13. Joanne

      I very much enjoyed this time travel novel. I have read others, but this one had many twists and turns that kept me questioning just how many time travelers there really were. Ms. Blackwood did an excellent job describing various situations, and as far as I could tell, performed careful research about the time period that the book was set in. Can't wait to read the sequel, Cat's Paw!

    14. Linda B.D.

      This is an amazing book. I cannot say enough great things about it. Already starting on book 2. A keeper on my shelf. Time travel of a medical student going back in time before the Civil War. Not too many characters, but enough to keep it interesting. Prepare yourself for talking monkeys. Smoothly written. 5 star book

    15. Allison

      Enjoyable all the way through although I felt the ending was fairly abrupt. I expected at least another chapter from where it ended. I imagine there is (or will be) a sequel though and I am looking forward to it. I have enjoyed both books I have read by this author. The time travel aspect was well done and I liked all the characters in the book.

    16. Paolo Caracciolo

      I like time travel books, but this one is in some way different. Probably it is the 'woman touch'. I felt good reading it, even the 'dramatic' parts. And, by the way, I really like how it ends :)Now on to the second one

    17. Cam

      Enjoyable read with several endearing characters. The plot seemed to plod initially but gained momentum in the final third. I was left with some questions but hopefully those will be answered as I continue the series.

    18. Mark

      I received this book from the author for an honest review. From the moment I started reading Clockwork Catherdral I was drawn into it. The author Heather Blackwood does a remarkable job of describing situations, and did careful research about the time it was set in. Four stars and recommended.

    19. Gayle

      I've never read a book with time travel in it, but enjoyed this one very much. I will definetly read the second book in the series. It put my mind to thinkwhat if?

    20. Kendall

      I really enjoyed this book. The time travel, alternate realities, and Steampunk aspects meshed together very well.

    21. Jenn

      Wonderfully written, clever and unique. I can't wait to get my hands on the next novel this wonderful up and coming brilliant author writes!!!!

    22. Ali

      This was really cute. Came across it as a free kindle pick and was a fast, entertaining read. I also have the second book in the series, which I'll definitely read.

    23. Patricia

      Ah, such mixed feelings. I am not even sure how to rate this. So here goes a stream of consciousness "review" or rambling. First, until the end, I was just half-heartedly reading. I liked some things and was put off by others. I don't know if I have ever read anything so very steampunk before. I feel disloyal to steampunk lovers everywhere (though I have never claimed to be one) because I felt like the whole steampunk dynamic cluttered up the story rather than aided it. There was what I might ca [...]

    24. Rebecca

      Pretty good although I'm surprised she gave up on her nephew, but perhaps he never found coordinates to there. Higher 3*. Would definitely read more.

    25. Marie

      Felicia Sanchez fällt bei einem Busunfall durch eine Spalte im Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum und landet im New Orleans einige Jahre vor dem amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg.Dort findet sie Seamus, ein irischer Professor, der an ungewöhnlichen Apparaten forscht und sicher ist, dass er die Spalte erschaffen hat. Sein ehemaliger Freund hat einen Apparat entwickelt, der enorm viel Energie produziert, aber wie er das macht bleibt auch für die Käufer ein Geheimnis.Und schon ist Felicia mitten in einem spannenden [...]

    26. Verity Brown

      Back when I read Hounds of Autumn, I was sorely disappointed that Blackwood had no other books out. And when she did come out with some other books, they weren't in the same series. But I finally decided to give these Time Corps novels a try. I'm glad I did!At first, it seems as if we're dealing with a standard "oops, accidental time travel" story, which is not something that generally appeals to me, although the characters were interesting enough to keep me reading. But the real fascination beg [...]

    27. Liquid Frost

      What an entertaining read. A sci-fi/fantasy adventure, with steam punk, time travel, alternate realities and strong female characters. A Clockwork Cathedral is the launch of The Time Corps Chronicles by Heather Blackwood, which thus far leans toward YA.Felicia Sanchez, present-day medical student slips through a time rip into 19th Century New Orleans, which is similar to her historical version of the city and her country. There are enough difference to see this isn’t her linear history and she [...]

    28. Jane

      I'm going to say that steampunk just isn't for me as a genre, or perhaps it's just this particular book, but President Lincoln's name wasn't Jacob and even if you're doing a time travel / alternate universe book you need to get a few basic things correct. I found this book to be so much a really smart author who hates research and an editor who either didn't know or care enough to correct things, or (even worse), thought her audience was too unaware to know the difference. Even when reading for [...]

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