Bad For Me

Bad For Me She s determined to make it on her own as an independent and capable young woman living in LA He s an international superstar rock sensation and known womanizer with looks that could kill They re a ma

  • Title: Bad For Me
  • Author: Dara Bowman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s determined to make it on her own as an independent and capable young woman living in LA.He s an international superstar rock sensation and known womanizer with looks that could kill.They re a match made in heaven.Dom is an irresistibly sexy bad boy and a talented musician, the type of guy she hates to love she just can t help herself But Annie has been there beforShe s determined to make it on her own as an independent and capable young woman living in LA.He s an international superstar rock sensation and known womanizer with looks that could kill.They re a match made in heaven.Dom is an irresistibly sexy bad boy and a talented musician, the type of guy she hates to love she just can t help herself But Annie has been there before, she knows his type, and she won t fall for the bullshit again Too bad it s not up to her Fate brings them together when Dom s band Diesel is in desperate need of a new backup singer and Annie is the perfect fit This is her chance to launch her career, on a three month long tour with one of the biggest bands on the planet There s only one problem, when Annie finally meets her dad s new fianc for the first time, she realizes her father is engaged to Dom s mother She can do this though, she just has to keep her relationship with Dom strictly professional and at a polite distance There s no way she can let herself indulge in such a forbidden love affair.But Dom has other plansd he always gets his way This New Adult Romance Novel contains mature themes, strong language, and steamy situations It is intended for adult readers.

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      112 Dara Bowman
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    One thought on “Bad For Me

    1. Maayan

      I had high expectations from this book, But unfortunately they did'nt Answered At first I thought Annie was a kick ass and a strong heroine, I loved how she stood up to Dom and didn't fall into his arms Instantly but as the story progressed I found her character leaking, Dom messed up many times in my opinion, and usually when I read a book and the hero makes a mistake, I need to forgive him along with the heroine, in this case, i still didn't forgave him, but the heroine had forgiven and fell [...]

    2. Shiela

      Spoiler, Dom had some real issues, I'm not sure what they were because the story doesn't really say, other than he had a troubled child hood. Even thru he didn't sleep w/ other people while trying to get to know her, he did do things, but it seemed like she had no back bone, because she would forgive him every time. Then all of a sudden he wants no one but her, and it takes her dad's death for that to happen.

    3. Lamaya booklit

      I would read it again the ending of the book hit home for me so that part I connected with on a personal level

    4. Grace

      I enjoyed this book but for me it lacked depth. When I finished it, I was left thinking "Seriously? Is that it?"The story is about a struggling singer, Annie, who finds out that the son of her father's fiancé is world famous rock god, Dom Dresden, lead singer of the band Diesel. This leads to her accompanying the band on their tour to sing back up. The instant attraction between Annie and Dom builds throughout the book and is a cause of trouble for them.For me, I did not feel that enough focus [...]

    5. Angarad

      Well I think this is the least exciting rocker book I ve read so far. Too bad the idea and beginning were great and I expected a lot. But come on, Annie is litteraly jumping into Dom's arms, no resistance no nothing and keep telling herself, he s too bad for , I know I ll be hurt And when she is, she explodes and 2s later it s like nothing happened. And Dom is definitely an asshole sometimes. I really wanted to slap him at times!!

    6. Annmarie

      I liked the story and there were a few minor twists and turns. I think the H is an ass and I hope he can stay faithful. At least he was honest about what he did but getting inside his head just solidified what a douchebag he was. I like the dual POV in the book, you can see which way the characters are leaning. In the end it all works out but I feel like she kept giving him chance after chance and he didn't appreciate it.

    7. Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith

      Love this book, great storyline and a lot going on. The storyline and character's are great. No matter how many times Dom messed up Annie always took him back. It keeps you guessing throughout, and only at the end do you get to know the outcome!! There is an epilogue at the end but its very short and vague, I think another book following on with these characters would be fantastic, I'd love to know what happens next :)

    8. Lindsey

      I have to be honest I didnt love this book. It was okay but the main characters, especially dom was a little wishy washy and to be honest I wudda left him after his skank slip up and hooked up with one of his bandmates lol I didnt feel the all consuming cant live without each other love I prefer in books and tbh I wasnt even sure I wanted them to end up together by the end

    9. Vanessa

      The plot summary is a bit misleading, refering to a "forbidden romance" element, when the half-siblings thing is not considered an obstacle in the romance plot. So, this book wasn't really what I expected.But I had a good time reading it. I liked both main characters well enough, the chemestry is here and so is the steam. A pleasant read :)

    10. Kitsunë Langford

      a very average love story, I found it disappointing because I really wanted to see what it was like to be a rockstar since it was narrated with the two main characters, but it was more of a love story with no information or references about music. The characters seemed a little empty and the overall story dull and rushed with a boring ending.

    11. Tammy

      BAD FOR ME5 stars. Absolutely loved Bad For Me. The characters of Annie and Dom were so adorable. This I s a short story with a great story and wonderful characters. I definitely recommend this as a must read. Buy it today you won't be disappointed.

    12. Melissia

      Loved Annie and Dom's story. Great story, new book boyfriend and very impressed with Dara! I can't wait to get my hands on more from this series I would even read a book about the very bitch Mel! I hope that I get to learn and love the rest of the band as much as I do Annie and Dom!

    13. Courtney

      Sexy and sweet. I thought she gave in a little too easily and forgave all too quickly, but I really liked the ending.

    14. Kami Dodson-Perry

      This story is about Annabelle & Dominic .They meet because Annie's dad Cliff is engaged to Dominic's mother Roxie. When Annie finally meets Roxie after months of her father dating her and engaged she is shocked to see that she is not some young gold digging bimbo. Roxie is what you would call funky chic and age appropriate. Annie finds out that Dominic Dresden (Rock God) is Roxie's son and that he is looking for a backup singer. She does not want handouts and Dom does not want to give it too [...]

    15. Dena

      I really enjoyed this story about a battered girl (Annie) who falls for the losers. The guys who are players and all they want is the next girl. They are not looking for commitments or girls that hang around they are looking for sex. This didn't go into detail about the relationship which is good and bad we like the day to day stuff but sometimes that becomes redundant. I liked that Annie gave as good as she got. I also liked that she was straight forward and didn't okay games.Overall I really e [...]

    16. Tanya Renee

      Definitely not what I hoped it would be. I felt like it wasn't a whole story. It felt as though there was so much more that could have been add to this story to help build it up more. It needed more detail especially character background. You really only get to know the 2 main characters and even that wasn't enough. I still gave it a 3 star rating because I did love the storyline and I loveed the fact that it had a girl rocker in it tht was an awesome detail. I still wish there was just MORE.

    17. Stephanie*

      This had the makings to become a great book, however, it just ended too abruptly. I still enjoyed it, but it left me wanting more!! The ending came way too soon!! I wasn't ready for Dom & Annie's story to end!!! I'm still giving it 4 stars because I enjoyed the story line & writing style, it was just a little under developed!!

    18. Yvonne

      I like Annie from start - sexy, rocker and forgiving. Dom might be a manwhore and Fucked up a couple of times but I simply don't understand how Annie could be mad at him for abdandoning her. That's like 3-4 shows he Will be cancelling if he stays and fans' money lost. I would had given this book a 4 Star if it wasn't for this screw up by Annie.

    19. Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews

      Bad boy rock star meets independent new talent rock star typical? Not in this case. The fact that her father and his mother are engaged to be married is one of many quirks making this story interesting. I only gave it 4 stars because the end seemed a bit rushed. Outside of that, it was a great read!

    20. Justine

      This was a decent read. Who doesn't love a good rocker romance. The story felt extremely rushed in the end like the author had been told to wrap it up in 10 pages.Disappointing.xx

    21. Tara

      wow i did like this book but how many chances can you give a guy come on!! i need some of these characters to make a man sweat it out before closing in! hahaha but either way good book read

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