More Than the Ball

More Than the Ball What happens when one experimental night in college turns into years of regret about opportunities lost Best friends and college roommates Dev Bandi and Elliot Gates spent most of their time together

  • Title: More Than the Ball
  • Author: Brandon Redstone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens when one experimental night in college turns into years of regret about opportunities lost Best friends and college roommates, Dev Bandi and Elliot Gates spent most of their time together in college hanging out, drinking, and being teammates in their NCAA soccer team But before they parted ways, they spent one experimental night together, becoming than What happens when one experimental night in college turns into years of regret about opportunities lost Best friends and college roommates, Dev Bandi and Elliot Gates spent most of their time together in college hanging out, drinking, and being teammates in their NCAA soccer team But before they parted ways, they spent one experimental night together, becoming than just friends Now, just a few years later, out and proud Dev is a promising young director who is asked to do a feature on his old soccer coach and mentor, a man he greatly admired The only thing is, taking the job would mean interviewing many of his old teammates including the now professional player, Elliot Gates It s been years since they last spoke, but that doesn t mean he d forgotten his former best friend Or their steamy time together Elliot is living in London, playing for the Spurs, when he gets a surprising email from Dev asking him to participate in the documentary Despite how long it s been since they d spoken, he certainly hasn t forgotten about his handsome college friend, either Still, Elliot lives with his girlfriend Jemma now, and isn t sure meeting Dev again would be such a good idea But the memory of their final encounter has never left his head, and remembering it now is bringing some of his old feelings back to the surface Could it be that Elliot had run from something for all the wrong reasons, and chosen a path in his life that has kept him from true happiness It might be time to find out More Than the Ball is a stand alone gay romance novel and ends happily ever after, with no cliffhanger.

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      265 Brandon Redstone
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    One thought on “More Than the Ball

    1. Raj

      If the sun & the moon shared the same space for a brief moment of time,the attraction between both these celestial bodies would burn as brightly as does the fire that sparks between the Dev & Elliot.No length of time nor distance diminishes the heat that flares between these two best friends & the end result is a blaze worth reading about.

    2. John-TorleifHarris

      Good first-time gay romanceThis was a pretty fun first time, sport romance. I think that Dev should have been more assertive when he was timid, and less insecure when he was being forceful, but it made for some delicious drama. Elliot was your fairly typical pro jock who was so deep in the closet that he didn't even realize he was there, at first. This would have been a five star review if Elliot could have been more than just a cookie cutter example of this trope.

    3. Jennifer

      Quick, entertaining story. More tell about important points in the story than experience; that is why it was only okay. I liked the quick, erotic short story after the main story more; the reason for this- the author told you exactly what you were getting-

    4. DW

      There was potential to be really good but it didn't work for me. I really like a second chance romance but this was rushed and skipped like 5 years before I realized what happened. I read the whole book hoping it would get better for me but I could not connect with Dev or Elliott. My first mistake was I didn't read GR reviews first and I ALWAYS read them first. give it 4.5 stars and it was only .99 so I went for it. Oh well, move on to the next book!!

    5. Amanda

      Quick, easy read. Could have done without reading about each MC with other people but all in all it was good.

    6. Mantastic

      Lots of stuff going on in this book. Love the Friend/Teammate/Roommate-to-Lovers trope and this was a good one. I especially liked the dynamics of both main characters. Each POV had a distinct voice with specific concerns. There was never any doubt whose head we were in. Something I really liked about this book is the balance the author stuck. There was some instant gratification for those who like that sort of thing, but instead of getting stale from peaking too soon, it created a great hook th [...]

    7. Love Bytes Reviews

      3.5 Heart Review by AmberThis was a pretty good book. There was nothing that stood out for me as exceptional and nothing that I absolutely hated. I am unfamiliar with this author but I enjoyed the writing style. There were a few minor editing issues and some name switch ups here and there that caught me off guard but nothing I absolutely could not deal with.Dev Bandi and Elliot Gates lived as roommates for 4 years during their time in college. Growing extremely close with each other personal spa [...]

    8. Dolores

      I received this book for free to give my True and Honest ReviewThis is my first Brandon Redstone's novels and I tell you it is HOT from the very start abs yes this is guy on guy book but no matter what your sexuality is so if you're STRAIGHT, BI, MALE GAY OR FEMALE GAY.when you have that connection with your very close friend and decide to and try the attraction or at the very least the feelings for each other, it leaves a ever lasting feeling and yes some of us might want to run away so you can [...]

    9. Felicia Eddy

      This is the first M/M book I have read from Brandon Redstone and I don’t think it will be my last.Dev and Elliott were best friends in college, they are roommates and play on the same soccer team. A few days before graduation while, packing one thing leads to another and the have a night together they didn’t expect but both secretly thought about.Flash forward 5 years – Elliot living in London still playing soccer and has a girlfriend; Dev a documentary film director is living in Los Angel [...]

    10. Billy J Stratton

      Good book.I did enjoy this story. Dev and Elliott were college room mates for three years and both on the soccer team. They had a very easy going friendship. They were good with just laying around in their apartment together watching tv. Right as they were graduating they were suppose to be packing up the apartment but Elliott wanted to just relax and watch tv. Dev was lying on the couch with his head in Elliott's lap with Elliott caressing his stomach. Elliott puts on some pornography because t [...]

    11. Jasmine

      More Than the Ball was my first book by Brandon Redstone. It also was my first M/M romance. I was curious just from the blurb about the story being that it would be something different than what I usually read. But, I truly enjoyed this story! Dev and Elliot's story was so real you couldn't help but connect with it, even if you weren't experiencing the same struggles. Your heart feels for both Dev and Elliott throughout the story as the two circle around their true feelings and almost lose somet [...]

    12. Jessica Mitchell

      Two college guys, a drunken high night and a kiss that neither one never forgot.Dev since graduating college went from playing soccer to photography. Now a somewhat big name, money and a somewhat steady boyfriend. He has it all. But the boy from his college days. So when a chance to see everyone back home and one particular person in London. Will he hold his feelings in check or will he go for the gold and tell him how he feels?Elliot is at the top of his games for the Cavs in London. Since grad [...]

    13. Terri

      Dev and Elliot were college teammates, roommates and best friends. One night, right before they're leaving college, they experiment. We fast forward a few years. Elliot is now a professional soccer player and Dev is a filmmaker. Elliot lives with his girlfriend, Jemma, in London while Dev lives with his boyfriend, Jordan, in the US. They've lost touch with each other.A project of Dev's brings the two together again, where long buried feelings rise to the surface.I liked almost every character in [...]

    14. Bambi Teague

      Feeling incredibly generous by giving this 2 stars Tried to like this book. Just couldn't get into it. Funny thing is, Once Jordan the over bearing boyfriend (Whom I could not stand at all by the way) walked away from the relationship with the openly gay character ( And this is another problem I have with this story. The two main characters where too similar without a girlfriend or boyfriend around or them at their perspective jobs I had no clue who was narrating) I really lost interest in the o [...]

    15. Jen Zingaro

      I was provided an arc of this book for an honest review. I love reading M/M books and when I read the description for this one, it reminded me of my favorite one! This was a really good story that kept me interested. I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what happened next. It doesn't have a tremendous amount of angst which was a relief. I had no experience with this author prior to this book. It was easy to really love the characters in this book. Written from dual POC whic [...]

    16. Susan

      You could just read the first chapter and be good that's the flashback to their college encounter and it's HOT! I read the inspiration (the short Brojobs included at the end of the kindle book), and this was WAY better! I definitely could have done without so much of the Dev/Jordan stuff I think we could have seen the state of their relationship without the sex scenes and extended look into their life. Jordan's a brat move along (Ok he was a little bit redeemed, but not really.) The rest of it I [...]

    17. GlamLawyer

      The story had a lot potential to be really deep. Closeted football (soccer) player, friends to lovers, gay for you overall the themes didn't go very deep. I was disappointed about the skipping of the public coming out. That was what I wanted to read but that's me. Also the build up was angsty but the conclusion was too easy for me. I missed a real peak. Otherwise it was an enjoyable and easy read with likeable characters.

    18. Annie

      This was a fast and fun read about two best friends that become more.Dev Bandi and Elliot Gates go their separate ways after graduating college. They were best friends but did not keep in touch much until the meet again and the past comes roaring back in. What they want and what they do are tow different things.I enjoyed this story and it was interesting to see each of them to grow and come to terms with their wants and choices and finally seen what others already had.

    19. Misty Wilson

      Cute, fun and hot!I enjoyed this book! My favorite love story is close friends to lovers. The only downside to this book is the abrupt leap from be my boyfriend to the epilogue. I would recommend to anyone.

    20. Charo

      Amazing 4.5 stars.Great storyline. Excellent dialogue and such amazingchemistry between the main characters , it was palpable. The loving was super hot and sexy . A must read.Charo

    21. Sali Mes

      M/M, 1st person pov, dual pov, HFNSweet and fast read!I enjoy it! A bit too fast, too easy at the end, but overall, a great read!

    22. Lillian Francis

      "Elliot is living in London, playing for the Spurs, when"No, no, no! It's just Spurs. Not the Spurs.

    23. *~*~*Kael*~*~*

      Was really on the fence with this one but couldn't pass up on the fact that it's $0.99 today (on ). Reading this one now so I can cross it off my "not sure but why not give it a try" shelf :-)!

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