My Vicious Demise

My Vicious Demise A stand alone sequel in The Demise Series For twenty three year old Rebecca O Connor there s only one reason to live her little sister Raina Through years of growing up in an abusive home Raina and

  • Title: My Vicious Demise
  • Author: Shana Vanterpool
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A stand alone sequel in The Demise Series.For twenty three year old Rebecca O Connor, there s only one reason to live her little sister, Raina Through years of growing up in an abusive home, Raina and Becca have formed an unbreakable bond until Raina falls in love and elopes For the first time in her life, Becca is on her own After breaking up with her boyfriend, sheA stand alone sequel in The Demise Series.For twenty three year old Rebecca O Connor, there s only one reason to live her little sister, Raina Through years of growing up in an abusive home, Raina and Becca have formed an unbreakable bond until Raina falls in love and elopes For the first time in her life, Becca is on her own After breaking up with her boyfriend, she is homeless, broke, and she s losing her grip on her life.Then she meets James Rush, a shy guy with sharp blue eyes and an invisible lure for her heart Becca has always had to be the strong one But the deeper James pulls her under, the she wants to succumb to her vicious attraction The fact that he s deaf might make him that much desirable At least he appreciates beauty.But James is going nowhere fast A twenty two year old college student, James can t shake the feeling his life is dull and uneventful He may be alive, but he s not living, as he hides in his introverted shell to protect himself from a past that left him empty, neglected, and abused.When James meets Becca, their futures are forever altered She s a black haired, tattooed, confident bartender who immediately hexes him with her charm When he s with Becca, his past stays in the past.Caught in each other s web of safety and desire, it s only a matter of time before they are confronted with the one task too terrifying to face Letting go of the past, and daring to love.

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    One thought on “My Vicious Demise

    1. Paige

      5 "Finally Alive" StarsJames is MINE! Mine, I tell you. My Vicious Demise is a story that I've been eagerly anticipating since I finished My Sweet Demise. Getting to know James and Becca through Kent and Raina's story created a need I had to see them happy. Reading this story may not have had the stomach turning angst of Shana's other works, but it had the kind of soul crushing brokenness that is not easily fixed. It had two very fractured people that didn't think they could ever be whole until [...]

    2. Sybil aka Lala

      I thought I knew what to expect from her after reading My Sweet Demise but Shana Vanterpool is a new author that just continues to surprise me with her skill and the intensity of her characters. My Vicious Demise just took my awe of her to the next level with her poignant writing.I lost my heart to James from the first moment he made an appearance in My Sweet Demise and my obsession with this sad, deaf boy only grew with this book. He’s attractive and he can certainly get a girl to be with him [...]

    3. Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥

      ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest reviewVIEW IN PROGRESSEeeks!!! James' story!!!! I was eagerly waiting for this book from the moment I finished My Sweet Demise. This book can be read as a standalone, but I personally think it's better if you start with the first book. It will give you more insight to the characters and their actions.James is deaf. His disability has cost him a lot and mainly, life itself. His one and only friend is Kent. Kent has been there for him since he was eigh [...]

    4. Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦

      :: 5 Pretty Little Stars :: Gah, another AMAZING book by Shana Vanterpool. This author knows how to WRITE. This book had me feeling all sorts of emotions. I felt bad for both Becca and James because it is clear from the get go that both are running from demons that have been hooked on them since their childhoods. Everything about both of their stories is quite emotional and I was teary eyed a few times. In addition to this I felt a strong amount of pride as the two navigated their relationship e [...]

    5. Booknerdingout

      4.5 neck sucking stars This is my second book by and I'm definitely a huge fan of her writing. James.Rush. My sexy, blue eyed, James! They are no words . No, really . James is deaf. In My Vicious Demise he's frustrated with his insecurities, being deaf. He struggles to over come the haunted memories of his heartbreaking childhood. Memories, that left him feeling alone and unloved. Oh, I just wanted to hold him and keep him safe throughout this book. I also wanted love on him so hard( or lay on h [...]

    6. Shana Vanterpool

      My Vicious DemiseRelease date: February 23rd 2016Official Blurb coming soon!Follow on Twitter to stay up to date:twitter/shanavauthorJames would want me to get this out of the way. James Rush is deaf. I think he's perfect the way he is, maybe even more so, but he struggles immensely with his difference. How James feels about himself is how JAMES feels. His issues stem from deep emotional trauma, not from his difference. Traversing this topic was rewarding and difficult and I do hope I did it jus [...]

    7. Michelle

      ARC provided by the author for my honest opinion. Wow this book brought me tears more than once. James Rush he may be deaf but the man still a lot of game. Ya he may be shy but he uses woman to get his release like everyone else. Can he find that one woman you wants him as much as he wants her. Becca - This girl been through alot, she had grow up at young age. Taking care of her baby sister. She uses men for sex and for place to stay. Her life isn't rainbows and candies. Then James comes along s [...]

    8. Sierra Clothier

      Its hard to believe this was Vanterpool's second book ever written and published. She has created these college age characters and made them so realistic that you immediately start to recognize them as people you know. This is the story of James and Becca, and how these two people have such a strong connection that it threatens to tear them both apart.It's not a spoiler to say that James is deaf. James does what you imagine deaf people do: stay painfully introverted. But here's the truth: he's r [...]

    9. Melanie (mells_view)

      3.5 pretty good stars :)I really enjoyed the couple in this story. They weren't really a couple per say and more of two people who had an undeniable pull towards each other, but they still tried to deny it. James thinks he's damaged and doesn't deserved to be loved, and Becca also thinks she's damaged and doesn't deserve love. That they will fail each other. Kind of the same song and dance as the first book, but I felt more sympathetic towards these characters for some odd reason.Definitely a sl [...]

    10. French Press Bookworm Blog

      My vicious demise by Shana Vanterpool⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Becca is. Jaded. Life dealt her a crappy hand and because it she does not see the world as rainbows and butterflies but more like a fun house and daggers and clowns( my fear). "Because your eyes are sucking my soul out of me."James is all kinda of sexy sweet with such a broken soul. He's the person you meet that makes you swoon and makes you wanna cry all at once. I just wanna take him and kiss him and then just hold himAs their [...]

    11. Dita

      Definitely a must read book.I cried a loti can feel their strugglei feel their fears.This book is about two broken people trying to live and face their fears and past,how to love themselves despite everything they've been through,how to love themselves even when many people aren't,how to love themselves even when someone they love doesn't love them back.The characters in this book are so strong and broken at the same time.Becca.g she's so stubborn, sometimes i just want to yell at here's hiding [...]

    12. Laura Saunders

      Wow talk about a page turner. This was dark and often times difficult to feel what they were going through. You wanted to shake them both and tell them to open their eyes and move past their horrific pasts. Please just see the amazing future and real love you could have. This was my first book by this author but most certainly not my last.

    13. Nikki

      Thank you Shana for letting me have the chance to read this book. It's amazing and I love it! All the books I've read so far are some of my favorites! <3

    14. Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers

      My Vicious Demise is the second book in the Demise Series. It can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading My Sweet Demise as well. The first book was about Raina, this one is about her older sister Becca. Becca is lost. There has only been one reason for living and she was stolen by the biggest Manwhore she has know, Kent Nicholson. She hasn't talked to her sister Raina in six months and it's breaking her. She is used to being in control, she couldn't control her sister falling in love. [...]

    15. Theresa Alberts

      I thought that I fell in love with Kent and Raina's story in My Sweet Demise by Shana Vanterpool but nothing could have compared to James and Becca in My Vicious Demise! Two people who were completely broken down with an almost self loathing for entirely different reasons are thrown together due to the friends and family that they have in common. It is the recognition of the hurt and pain buried deep inside that can only be recognized by another who has felt the same, that brings this unlikely p [...]

    16. Sultan * Baby Mama Smut-a-teer*

      Be still my beating heart, I'm in love! And his name is James Rush. Praise baby Jesus, James Rush!! God, that's a sexy freaking name!! I was so excited to get my hands on James, I fangirled out when I got the ARC. He got my attention in Sweet Demise, and just didn't get out of my head. I really wanted to get to know more about, James. Wow, this man ruin me! This book is still on my mind, days later. Hell, I'm still picking up pieces of my broke heart! This book drags you through some heavy, dark [...]

    17. Maria Vickers

      My Vicious Demise by Shana Vanterpool is an emotional roller coaster that will believing there is someone out there for anyone and everyone – and at the same time, you want to hunt down the people that hurt James so you can torture them slowly to give them a taste of their own medicine. If you have read My Sweet Demise, you know who James is. The deaf roommate of Kent’s that is an overall good guy. I found myself liking him in the first book and when I found out he would be half of the coupl [...]

    18. JamieZishka

      WOW where to start with this review Shana Vanterpool you are seriously going to have a fan girl for life with me! I was blown away with the first book in this series My Sweet Demise the story of Kent and Raina and normally when a second book comes out and is about another couple it never adds up to be better than the first book or even as good as the first but this book WOW I say again really hit the mark. I absolutely loved James's character that was portrayed in MSD but I had no clue he could [...]

    19. Krista

      Well after My Sweet Demise I was really looking forward to James' story.This book pulled me under from the first chapter. Two broken people: Becca, Raina's sister and James, Kent's roommate and longtime friend.Becca is at the end of her rope. She uses men so that they don't get close, and after using the wrong one she finds herself homeless. She also hasn't been speaking to her sister Raina, having felt abandoned by Raina's relationship with Kent. Kent goes out on a limb and tells her to stay at [...]

    20. Kara Mobley

      OH MY!!!I didn't think I could find a book that touched me more then Rains and Kent's, but I was wrong. I fell in love with James in the first book. This will be a book I re-read it was that good. Becca and James were so much alike. There were moments in this book that took my breathe away and left me gasping for more. I didn't want it to end. Shana you amazed me with this beautiful read. You have me hooked. Please I want more. This is a MUsT read.

    21. Karen

      Rebecca and JamesBecca's life is falling apart. She's suddenly homeless, broke, stuck in her horrible past, and misses her sister, Raina. James is deaf, feels worthless, stuck in his past, unloved, and unwanted. His deafness has ruled his life making him hide in a shell. Becca and James find each other but are scared out of their minds to love each other.The book is in dual POVs with good editing. What happened with Uma?

    22. Crystal

      Loved it so much Becca was amazing I loved when she broke down and James I just wanted to hug him he was heartbreaking beautiful great read wish it was longer

    23. Jeannette

      Ok bookThis was an okay book to read. It had sad and sweet moments. Some parts were confusing. Some parts were also heartwarming.

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